Miles From Chicago is a high-energy dance band that knows how to bring fun to any event!

Miles from Chicago Poster

Stacked with talented, seasoned musicians based in the Seattle area, the group plays a classy variety of dance music, selected from the best R&B;, swing, blues, soul and dance rock classics (80s to current playlists). The music has a distinctive upbeat attitude. The band dresses well, smiles a lot, and consistently creates a festive atmosphere. Their love and mastery of music and performance is evident, and provides great entertainment value. They really enjoy what they do, and so will you!

The lineup includes leader Miles (Mark) Bushbeck (Chicago, IL) on bass and vocals, Dr. John Hanford (from the Fabulous Wailers) on guitar, Teri Derr on vocals, Bob Baum (Los Angeles, CA) on keys, Keith Stone (Dallas, TX) on saxophone and vocals, and Matt Clausen (Seattle, WA) on drums. Various local celebrities often sit in with the band. This band knows how to lay down a beat and belt out music that is fun and tailored for dancing. The stage show is entertaining whether you prefer to dance like crazy or listen and watch with some friendly faces…

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