The Band

  • Mark (Miles) Bushbeck (lead vocals, bass guitar)
  • John Hanford (guitar)
  • Teri Derr (vocals)
  • Ron Leonardi (keyboard)
  • Keith Stone (saxophone and vocals)
  • Matt Clausen (drums)

Special thanks to…


Saxophone: Brian Kent, Dave Borg, Jessica Lurie, Sue Orfield

Guitar: Mark Shaffer, Rick Dean (Diagle), David Huber, Kevin Wallace (R.I.P)

Keyboards: Dave Cashin, Mark Zyla

Drums: Dan Adams, Larry Dragland, Michael Klune, John Palmer, Rick Spano, KT Tuttle, Tim Kelliher, Mike Selvidge

Harmonica: Steve Bailey

Production Team

Sound Production: Tom Brighton, Mark Bushbeck, Bright & Bushy Productions, and Atis Freimanis

Stage Lighting and Effects: MdB Entertainment Engineering